1 Year Anniversary Gifts

For our anniversary Chris and I both spent a lot of time brainstorming what we wanted to give each other. As you might know, I have a thing when it comes to giving gifts and a hard time keeping a gift a secret. Every other day leading up to our anniversary I asked Chris if I could tell him what his gift was. He has much more self-control than I do and always told me no.

I wasn’t expecting Chris to give me anything else on top of the trip he had planned for us to Portland, so when I found out that he had spent time running all over town looking for the perfect something just for me I felt really special and also really guilty. I could tell that he was stressed out over trying to get everything perfect for our anniversary weekend, and by the time we were eating dinner on Friday evening the poor guy was a legitimate wreck. It was sweet.

We exchanged gifts after dinner on Friday and I was so excited to give him his gift because I knew that he would love it.

I worked with an artist I found on Etsy to create an illustrated family portrait of the two of us and Barley. It turned out better than I had hoped! We both love it so much and it is one of our few family photos.

Audrey Smith_Portrait_FA

When it was my turn to open my gift, Chris was visibly nervous, which then made me really nervous. What could possibly be in that non-threatening looking gift bag? Well I opened the bag and was completely shocked and surprised for all of the right reasons! I had to remember to put my face in order and respond so that he didn’t think I hated it – I loved it! Chris bought me a brand new, super fancy camera that is about 1000 times better than my old camera that has been on the fritz and that I’ve been complaining about.

I was completely surprised for a number of reasons. I didn’t even realize that he had noticed that my old camera wasn’t working properly. Then the fact that he did so much research finding me the best camera he could and running all over town to buy it made me feel so special. On top of that, he gave me something that we can both use and have for years to come,to capture the memories we make in the years to come.

It was truly the perfect gift.