Breaking Up with 2014

2014 was a full year for our little family. We tackled numerous milestones that I had looked forward to for pretty much forever. To break it down: we added infinite joy to our lives by rescuing our puppy Barley, made the bold decision to move from NYC to Boston, I watched my older sister marry a wonderful man, and I married my best friend and longtime love this past November.

With all of the crazy, chaotic happiness that 2014 brought, you would think that I would be excited for 2015. That after a year so incredible, so amazing, so spectacular, that I must be bursting with excitement to get the next one started, right?

Well…let’s pump the brakes. The new year is 365 days of the unknown, of unending questions, constant confusion. The vast blank space on my calendar for 2015 leaves me with all sorts of nervous feelings. In truth, 2014 brought good things to me and I am not quite ready to let go.

Then as predicted, January 1st, 2015 smacked me right in the face all bright, shiny and new.

After a few days of needless anxiety and Chris kindly asking “why are you so emotional?” I have finally been able to relax into the new year. In the spirit of moving forward, here are some thoughts for the upcoming year:

  • Make new friends and keep in touch with old ones. Seriously, it probably isn’t healthy that I speak with Barley more than actual humans.
  • Learn to cook more than just meals with melted cheese.
  • Go on an adventure. Anywhere. If I have the option to be picky I would consider London, Paris, Iceland, the Redwood Forest, Scotland.

In truth 2015 might just be the best year yet, but it has some tough competition.

*photo by Sunglow Photography