The Art of Gift Giving

Now that the holidays are over its obviously an excellent time to talk about how to give everyone you love the perfect gift, right?

You see, I like to think of myself as a really good gift giver. I spend hours, days, sometimes even weeks contemplating and crafting the right gift for the right person. I get so anxious over whether they will like it and if it reflects how special they are to me. Over the years, I have specifically fine-tuned the ability to give Chris gifts that I think he would love: a really nice winter coat, tickets to the Lion King on Broadway, and a surprise weekend together when we were living far apart. From year to year I try to give him something he really needs or that he has never experienced before. Something special, because he is so special to me.

This year was no different. I had a few ideas but nothing that said “Hey, I kind of really, really love you.”

And then it came to me – tickets to the Celtics game. With Chris’ undying love of everything sports related and my glaring lack of interest it was an obvious choice. So with a little help from two of our good friends, I bought 2 tickets to the Celtics – Mavericks game on January 2nd. It was a great gift. Chris was going to love it.

The only problem was that I couldn’t wait to tell him. Like, I literally could not wait and I told him before Christmas because I was simply so excited.

Nevertheless, my big mouth didn’t take away from the amazing time we both had on Friday night.

So if you are wondering if some of your holiday gifts went unwanted and exchanged, here is my advice for becoming a great gift giver next year: give a gift they will love and don’t spill the beans.


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