You’re a Wizard Harry

As you get older, some things tend to lose their appeal and excitement: hula-hoops, water slides, bugs. Other things stick with you even though they might be considered far past the point of being socially acceptable: stuffed animals, onesie pajamas, belly button rings.

For me that weird, ever-present thing has always been Harry Potter.

My mom and I read the first Harry Potter book out loud together when I was in 4th grade. I have vivid memories of us laying on the couch together exploring this new world that I had never experienced. It was mysterious, a bit frightening, and most importantly – magical.

In the years to come, I tore through the next six novels and soaked up the movies. Hogwarts and the magic that came with it became so familiar to me that even when miles away from family and friends I always felt like I was home. When I open the books now the adventures are no longer new and exciting, but reading about the magic of Hogwarts feels more like coming home to an old friend. It is still so magical to me and something like that needs to be shared.

Needless to say when I saw that Bloomsbury was coming out with illustrated copies of all seven books I felt the need to purchase all of them immediately. This way, I can start exposing the amazing story of Harry Potter and his friends to our future children before they can even read.

That is something that is truly magical.


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