“Sick” Day

On Friday morning Chris told me he was sick and that he needed to stay home. I leave for work just as he is waking up, so I wasn’t quite sure what was wrong. As I checked on him throughout the day I started to become more concerned because he was saying things like “I’m hanging in there” and “I feel really awful” and a few things with more graphic detail that I will spare you.

My first thought was that he had the flu and that we would be in for one long weekend. I would need to set up a quarantine and stock up on supplies. I picked up: airborne, cold pills, cough drops, a new thermometer, soup, mac and cheese, juice, kleenex, extra toilet paper (just in case it was the stomach virus). Upon walking in the door I was expecting to see an infectious war zone. Instead, I saw someone who can only be described as a healthy 25 year old blonde male standing at 6’1″ with a mild sore throat and cough.

Me: “Um..How are you feeling?”

Chris: “I feel terrible. I’m only at like 65%. I’m hungry though, can we eat dinner?”

So…I struggle to have sympathy for someone who is functioning at “65%”, but I do like to take care of my husband. I made sure he was surrounded by pillows, cough drops and juice, while Nurse Barley made sure he had plenty of kisses and snuggles. We predicted that the patient would make a full recovery.

Needless to say, I knew that the weekend ahead would be a weekend indoors. And honestly, I wasn’t complaining because I had the perfect thing to add to our (very short) to-do list: Peaky Blinders.

What is Peaky Blinders you might ask? Well, its a show from BBC Two that now has two seasons streaming on Netflix that a few of my coworkers recommended we watch. Chris and I are constantly looking for new shows that we can watch together, so I was eager to give this one a go.

On Saturday morning with Chris lying on the couch surrounded by cough drop wrappers and sniffling, we started episode 1. Fast forward 8 hours later and we had finished the first season and put a dent in season two. We were hooked. With a large list of shows that we have crossed off of our “must watch” list, the mix of history, crime and drama found in Peaky Blinders is a winner.

I expect we will be finishing the remainder of season two over the next few days and will need something else to keep us occupied for future weekends when Chris is devastatingly ill. Recommendations are welcome.


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