How to Dress for a Blizzard

If you are anything like me you like to know how to dress for an occasion. So as any sensible girl would ask on a day when snow is up to your knees, what does one wear for a blizzard?

After spending almost three years up north my winter wardrobe is still evolving, but here are some of my go-to essentials for making life livable.

Women’s Boots: Look for high, waterproof boots and boots that are well-insulated for warmth. Good grip is also key for sidewalks covered in slippery ice.

  • Chris recently bought me these Hunter boots (which I am so in love with) for Christmas. They aren’t overly bulky like a lot of other Hunter boots, which makes them really easy to wear with everything.
  • For days when you need a little more warmth, I have something like these from Ugg. I have had these for years and they are really durable, comfortable, and will keep my feet warm in a blizzard. Literally.

Women’s Coats:

  • When we moved to Boston I bought this coat in preparation for the harsh New England winter and it keeps me nice and toasty. I love a coat that is so long that it leaves no inch of your body exposed to the elements.
  • For days when I don’t need to dress for the arctic, I wear this coat that hits just above my knees.

Winter Extras:

  • Although you might laugh, long underwear is essential for keeping you warm and dry. The HEATTECH line from Uniqlo is a must-have in our house.
  • Other things to consider include a warm hat/earmuffs, windproof gloves or mittens, snow pants.

And if you need some inspiration…Blizzard_Juno2


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