“Watching” the Super Bowl

In our house there has been a lot of preparation over the last two weeks for a little thing called the Super Bowl. Maybe you’ve heard of it? There has been a tremendous amount of time spent watching old game film, studying plays, learning the opposing team roster. Of course, the one doing all of this is definitely not me, but my other half.

Although Chris almost always considers watching the Patriots games to be a solitary activity, we are going to a small Super Bowl party. I don’t even think I’ve ever watched the Super Bowl.

Of course while speaking to Chris about this, he said “For the life of me I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to watch this game.”

There are no words.

To keep myself entertained I had planned to sit in a quiet room and read the two new books I just bought, but Chris told me that’s rude. Is it though? If anyone comes over to my place you are welcome to sit and read. I will gladly join in.

With my dreams shattered and my books placed back on the shelf, I’ve been brainstorming things I can do to stay entertained that are healthier than stuffing my face with nachos and potato skins. It’s safe to say that tonight might be the one and only time that I look forward to seeing Katy Perry.

Suggestions for coping through this evening are welcome.


2 thoughts on ““Watching” the Super Bowl

  1. I made a collage. One football game I was invited to watch o another art project. But, I’m with you my go to is usually a book. Hope you made it through.


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