How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

When Chris and I were planning our wedding we agreed on a very short list of must-haves: an open bar, good music and mac and cheese (because, duh).

Hiring a photographer was the one area where we disagreed. Was it worth the money? My argument was that you can’t eat the cake forever, wear your dress every day, or bring the open bar home with you. The photos will hang on the walls in your home and will live on long after you can tell the story of your wedding. Luckily, I convinced him that it was worth it.

Chris and I both agree that hiring Dustin Prickett at Sunglow Photography was the best decision we made over the course of our wedding planning process. Here are some reasons why we chose Dustin and some tips for choosing a photographer for your own wedding:

1. Choose a photographer with a portfolio that resonates with you. We fell in love with Dustin’s work because the images in his portfolio were touching, real and true. Everything you could hope to see take place on your day was laid out in his images, beautifully well-done and emotional. As a bride you couldn’t ask for anything more for your own wedding.

Wedding Wedding

2. Choose a photographer that you and your bridal party feel comfortable with. We knew that we would be spending anywhere from 6-8 hours with our photographer over the course of the wedding day, so this was important. Not everyone is great in front of the camera, but a photographer that can make everyone feel at ease is a great resource. It also means that your photos, and everyone in them, will look better.

WeddingBridal Party

3. Choose a photographer that your guests will dance in front of. Chris and I knew that we wanted our wedding to be a crazy and wild party with our friends. If we wanted to capture those moments, we didn’t want our guests getting camera shy. Dustin’s personality and style made it seem as though he could have easily been a guest at our wedding, joining in on the dancing and shenanigans. It made it easy, and we all danced like fools.

Wedding PartyWedding

4. Choose a photographer that you can trust to tell your story. When our wedding day was approaching I was pretty much uncertain about everything: the catering, the location, the guest list. Knowing that we hired an amazing photographer put me at ease, because even if it rained or I fell on my walk down the aisle, we would still look amazing. And we did.

p433628984-5WeddingWedding Day

For anyone currently looking for a wedding photographer, Chris and I would highly recommend Dustin at Sunglow Photography. He is talented, a joy to work with, and willing to travel. Feel free to take a look at his website to see more of the stunning weddings he has photographed. To see more from our wedding, visit the Featured Weddings tab on Dustin’s site here.


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