How To Say Something Sweet

I grew up with a family that loves to celebrate occasions of all types and we had a card for everything. Throughout all four years of college my mom sent me a “thinking of you” card almost once a week. Even when I was in middle school we had piles of personalized stationery to send to relatives and friends. We like cards.

I know that nowadays, cards are often an after thought if even a thought at all. However, I think there are few things as sweet and kind as writing down your feelings for another person and expressing your love for them. Some people might take that for granted, but I’ve held onto every card that Chris has ever given to me. Every now and then I go and read through the notes he has written me, they make me smile and laugh. His words are special and I will keep them with me always.

As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching (this Saturday!) here are some great cards for showing that special someone just how much you love them:

Valentine's Day

Rifle Paper Co. $4.50 each 

Valentine's Day

Green Tie Studio for $4.50 each 

Valentine's Day

Maple & Belmont $4.00 each


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