To Hell With It

Remember last Friday? How I was having a bad day and I went home and ate candy and spent the rest of the weekend in my pajamas? Well there was one small detail that I left out…

You see, I’m not usually very spontaneous. In fact, I’m an obnoxiously punctual, plan out everything type-A type of girl. However lately, there’s been a bit of a shift in my demeanor. Maybe it is just something that happens as you get older, or with marriage, or when it snows in unimaginable amounts. Nevertheless, I’ve started to relax. From time to time I even say things like “to hell with it.” I understand if this comes as a bit of a surprise to you because even I find it shocking when things like that come out of my own mouth.

Nevertheless, on Friday when I came home from work and was settled in on the couch in my cozy warm pajamas, I had something up my sleeve for Chris. Something spontaneous. Something surprising. And I’ll tell you right now that it made him nervous.

I only had one thing I wanted to say to him: London or Paris?

He could hardly fathom the words that were coming out of my mouth. But this was no time for joking or craziness. This was serious.

You see, while I was at work on Friday I realized that my job, my fears, and my stress aren’t my life. And if I lived my life with all of those things constantly bombarding my brain I would either explode or never do anything worthwhile. So I decided that we needed to make something happen and make a change.

And we did.

We leave in mid-March for our week-long trip to London and I can hardly wait. After spending a semester in London while I was in college it is my absolute favorite city and my heart has been aching to return. Now this doesn’t mean that I am a girl that will just throw caution to the wind for any old reason. It does mean that I’m realizing that I deserve a full and amazing life, no matter what my fears. Let the countdown begin!

Millennium Bridge

London Eye


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