Mini Road Trip to Newport

Upon waking up on Saturday morning, I was under the impression that our only plans were to eat french toast for breakfast. Much to my surprise, Chris had planned a mini road trip for us (and Barley) to go visit Newport, Rhode Island. Chris isn’t much of a planner, so his thoughtfulness really meant a lot.

Neither of us had ever been to Rhode Island, but we had heard a bit about Newport. Nevertheless, I don’t think anything would have prepared us for what we saw: street after street of mansions. To give you an idea of it, they have a whole street that is called Mansion Avenue.

You know that scene in Pride & Prejudice when they visit Mr. Darcy’s house? It was kind of like that.

Newport Mansion

Once you look at so many mansions it gets a bit tiresome to be continuously wiping the drool off your face, so Chris brought us to Fort Adams. Unfortunately, New England was expecting another snow storm and almost everything was shut down due to the impending blizzard. We didn’t let that stop us and made good use of the snow and ice, letting Barley run all around like crazy. It was probably the highlight of her weekend.

Fort Adams, Newport

Newport, RI

Newport, RI

Newport didn’t have anywhere near as much snow on the ground as Boston, but they did have it somewhere I’ve never seen before. The beach. Have you ever seen snow on the beach? I hadn’t, but it sure was beautiful. Also, it was freezing.

Newport, RI

Newport, RI

Newport, RI

Newport was beautiful. Chris and I agreed that we would definitely love to go back again when it is warmer, if that ever happens. Despite the cold and waking up to another foot of snow on Sunday morning, it was such a lovely way to spend Valentine’s Day with my forever Valentine.


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