Childhood Love of Climbing

There are a number of things I was good at when I was younger that did not carry over to adulthood. It is sort of like I started out really great at everything, and simply became less and less skillful in almost every way as I grew older. Is that normal?

I used to be a good runner, now I have asthma. The thought of riding a bike in public at one point did not give me anxiety. For many years I was able to learn dance routines and do them well, and then I took dance classes in college and realized that I am now a terrible dancer. See what I mean?

Perhaps this happens to everyone, or maybe it is just me. Something else I was once really good at was climbing. I climbed everything and I loved it. I climbed monkey bars, jungle gyms, rock walls, trees.

My freshman year of college I discovered that there was a rock climbing gym in Tallahassee and I really wanted to go. But after spending 4 years at FSU I never once went. Why? Well, I really didn’t want to have a repeat of any of the above incidents and be absolutely terrible at something that I used to be good at. Maybe I was only a good climber ages 5-12?

It wasn’t something I let go of though. In NYC, I kept rock climbing on my bucket list and never crossed it off.

But yesterday, I finally did it.


Chris and I went with his cousin and some friends to Rock Spot Climbing at their new location in South Boston. I was unbelievably nervous and even told Chris an hour before that I didn’t want to go (sometimes I’m dramatic). Of course I wanted to go. I’ve been wanting to go for over 6 years.



The best part wasn’t even the surprising fact that I was actually good instead of terrible (yay!). The best part was how much fun Chris and I had. I’m not very athletic, so it was so unbelievably refreshing to have an activity that we could do together and both be good at.


Come spring, keep an eye on your trees because after this weekend there is a good chance I might start climbing everything again!


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