Sleepless at the Ballet

There has been a bit of a theme this week in my life: no sleep and ballet.

Before you rush to any conclusions, I’ll clarify that I have not become delusional and that I am not trying to become a ballerina. I know that I am way past my dancing prime and also that I have no talent. However, I might be experiencing a similar level of sleep deprivation as a professional ballerina. Maybe.

So to explain, I haven’t been sleeping. And I have no idea why. For anyone who knows me, this is not something I deal well with. I need a solid 8 hours of sleep to fully function. I need it so badly, that over the course of many years I have trained my body to adjust to a cycle: bed at 10pm, awake at 7am. Any deviation results in serious grumpiness.

Luckily, I generally sleep well almost all of the time. But this week, even when I can sleep I dream about horrible things like doing my taxes. Yuck.

So basically, my poor husband has been living with a sleepy, cranky, grouch all week long and I have been walking around like a zombie. It’s been great.

Now you are probably wondering how the sleepy zombie turns into a beautiful ballerina, right? Well, for starters for the first time ever I went to a barre workout class. It isn’t really ballet, but it is done at a ballet barre. I had been wanting to try it for a long time and I’m glad I did, but I don’t really know how I feel about it. They kept telling us to “give it 100%” but I really just wanted to….not do that. Does anyone else love child’s pose?

I also went to the Boston Ballet on Wednesday with one of my coworkers to see Lady of the Camellias. Overall, I found the performance to be surprisingly enjoyable, although the story was a bit depressing. My exposure to ballet is quite limited, so I was really excited to see the performance. Also, Chris was really happy that he was allowed to miss it.

I am always so amazed by the way that dancers can move. They are so graceful yet strong, so beautiful to watch. Perhaps some people really do listen to their workout instructors and give 100%, while others (like me) choose not to.


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