Birthday Boy!

Chris and I returned from our trip to London yesterday and I can’t wait to share with you the details of what could possibly be considered the best week ever. But before I get around to it, there is something a bit more pressing that I must discuss…

Tomorrow is Christopher’s birthday!

I really love to celebrate birthdays and over the last few years Chris and I have celebrated almost all of our birthdays together in some way or another. He was there for my surprise 18th birthday, went zip-lining with me to celebrate when I turned 21, and has seen me eat more than my fair share of cupcakes.

When it comes to celebrating his special day, I haven’t always been able to be there in person, but I do always try to make it special for him. After all, today is a day that I will celebrate for the rest of forever. It is a day about a man that I will celebrate, love, and care for every day for as long as I live.

So, in honor of the very special birthday boy and a very special birthday, here are just a few reasons why I love you oh so incredibly much:

  • Because you laugh so loud and so easily.
  • Because you always reach for my hand in a crowd.
  • Because you constantly sing to me.
  • Because you let me watch Harry Potter when I’m sad.
  • Because you take ages to wake up in the morning (plus have adorable bedhead).
  • Because you always take out the trash.
  • Because you talk to Barley and love her as much as I do.
  • Because you seem to find the good in everything.
  • Because you take chances and go on adventures with me.

We don’t have any big plans to celebrate tomorrow, but sometimes lazy nights at home are the best way to spend special occasions.

Happy (almost) Birthday!


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