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London – Part 2

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Tuesday in London was our busiest day. I think that after our first two days we had definitely settled into the city, adjusted to the time change, and we woke up ready to get moving.

To start the morning off, we visited St. Paul’s Cathedral. Chris had been hard set against going to visit a church, but after weeks of casually mentioning how I thought we should go see it he finally agreed. And I am so happy that he said yes. Plus, he said it was his favorite thing we did on our trip and smiled the whole time. A win-win for both of us!

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s is so beautiful, there are truly no words to describe it. When I lived in London, I went to St. Paul’s once but I went all by myself, which is just a bit sad. It was so lovely to have the chance to experience it with Chris. Plus, I had a partner to climb to the top with, all 528 steps! Although it’s exhausting and a bit treacherous, the view is well worth the hike.

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral Just so we all know, Chris got really into the camera. He wanted me to stand on that very old rail to take this picture. Then, he took the camera and started taking an insane number of photos for the rest of the day, most of which are zoomed in close-ups of my face. Boys.

St. Paul's Cathedral

After making the trek back down the very windy, narrow stairs with a group of loud and terrified school children, we needed a bit of a break. We ended up at Gourmet Burger Kitchen where in case you are interested, I had the best onion rings of my life – and I’ve had a lot of onion rings. They were magical. Then we walked over to the Harry Potter Bridge, also known as the Millennium Bridge, and my nerd started showing.

Millennium Bridge Millennium BridgeIt was a beautiful day for walking, so we continued along the Thames strolling past the Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe. Then rather unexpectedly we stumbled upon one of my favorite places in all of London: Borough Market.

Borough Market

Borough Market

Borough Market is simply incredible. They have pretty much every kind of food imaginable, all fresh and delicious. I love it there. I meant to grab a better picture of the sign, but I really wanted to eat a doughnut. Priorities, right? It was totally worth it. Possibly the best one I have ever had: sugar coated outside with vanilla bean cream filling from Bread Ahead bakery. Between the doughnut and the onion rings it was a good day for my tastebuds, one for the record books.

After I finished wiping the doughnut sugar from my face, it was only fair that Chris had the chance to get a treat too. So, we continued onward to another pub on his list, The George Inn. It was incredibly historic and quaint, well worth a stop.

The George Inn - London

After that, we had one more stop on our to do list: Tower Bridge.  We did the Tower Bridge exhibition that allows you to walk across the top with a glass floor to look through. It was a bit freaky, but really cool.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

From our view up top we could see directly into the Tower of London. We thought about going over for a tour, but between the steps of St. Paul’s and all of our walking we were a bit worn down. The view sure was nice though!

Tower of London

Tower of London

More from Part 3 coming up on Friday!


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