The Golden Egg

Is it just me or was this week super long, like it was two weeks in one? I kept getting my days mixed up, constantly thinking that Friday was around the corner. Alas, finally it has arrived and with this weekend comes Easter.

I’ve always loved Easter. When my sister and I were little our neighborhood had this huge Easter egg hunt that all of the kids would take part in. It spanned this giant field and multiple back yards and we would all run around like crazy.

I’m not sure who hid the eggs (other than the Easter Bunny), but whoever did it always did a really great job. My sister and I would hop around in our little Easter outfits with bows in our hair trying to fill our baskets. The goal every year was to try to get the always elusive golden egg. I never found it and I would still really like to know what was inside of it…

I’m far too old for egg hunts these days and if I hid eggs for Barley she would end up either destroying our house or chasing squirrels outside. So, this weekend will be rather low-key in terms of our Easter celebrations. But, if you are looking to add a bit of a personal touch to the holiday here is a round-up of some of my favorite Easter DIYs:

Easter Baskets 3 Ways 


Easter Tins

Easter Tins

Easter Egg Chick Family 

Easter Egg Chick Family

Bagel Bunnies 

Bagel Bunnies

DIY Foliage Easter Eggs

EIY Easter Eggs


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