Tonight is sort of a big night in the Hoover household because tonight is the return of Outlander on Starz.

Has anyone else been watching this show? Do you love it as much as we do? We started watching it because I had been reading the books by Diana Gabaldon last summer and quickly became obsessed. I think I read the first three in a span of two weeks and thought of little else other than Claire, Jamie and their many adventures.

Chris knew nothing about the story going into the first episode, because how do you explain it without sounding a bit silly? I mean, it’s about Claire and she sort of travels back in time….It’s silly. But it is also wonderful and a bit magical. I love stories like that.

Anyways, I was incredibly nervous sitting with Chris watching the first episode. Whenever I introduce him to anything I am always a bit on edge because I’m afraid he will think it is stupid and then I will be really embarrassed. I’m not quite sure why I feel this way because he almost always loves everything I pick: Harry Potter, Sherlock, The Great British Baking Show, Gilmore Girls (well, not yet but I just know he will come around).

I had nothing to worry about though because as soon as Chris saw the lush green Scottish fields and the beautiful Caitriona Balfe he fell in love. In fact, after we finished part one of the season he started reading the book because the cliffhanger was too much for him. He has now started listening to the books on tape almost every night and has continued through to book 5, making it further along in the story than I have.

Not only is it nice to see how excited Chris gets by the story, but it is simply nice to have something like this that we can both enjoy together. A story with characters that we can both root for and an adventure that we both want to see through to the end. Yes, time travel is silly and a bit fantastical, but I love imagining all of it with him.

Is anyone else going to be watching Outlander tonight? Are there any other shows that are great for watching together?


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