I’m Not a Girl Scout

So I feel a bit bad because, if anyone cares, it has been a while since I have shared or posted anything. I wish I could say that my disappearance is because I have been so incredibly busy keeping up with my many social commitments and that I simply have had no time to sleep or eat, let alone write. But, let’s be real.

The truth is, I’ve had a lot on my mind. Some of which I don’t quite feel like sharing and some of which simply isn’t worth sharing. Like, do you really have any interest in knowing that it was warm enough to eat ice cream in a cone last Sunday? And do you want to know that I got a haircut on Thursday or that I walked home with toilet paper stuck to my shoe last Friday? Um, probably not.

Unless you consider the above something of breaking news, things around here haven’t been all that exciting. I think that I’m still adjusting to the changing of the seasons and with that adjustment I’m realizing that it is no longer acceptable for me to spend my weekend indoors in my pajamas. Chris must have been thinking the same thing because this weekend he had a plan for us to get out. Today we went to Blue Hills.

Chris and I are in love with Blue Hills. It might be one of our favorite places near Boston. It is such a great area to go hiking with Barley and to explore outside. Plus, it is a great escape from the city and such a wonderful way to help clear your mind. Barley really likes it too.

Blue Hills

I’ll admit that I am not very outdoorsy, at all. It’s not my fault. There was a year when I was younger and my Brownie friends went to camp together. Instead of staying in the cabin, my parents stayed with me in a hotel and then would drop me off for the day to hang out. I did go to camp once when I was older, but you never forget air conditioning and the amenities of a hotel. You just don’t.

I do like being outside though. Especially with Barley and Chris. They are literally the cutest together, it drives me crazy. I mean how can anything ever be cuter than them?

Blue Hills

Anyways, it simply isn’t the most natural thing for me to be outdoors. But I really try my best and have a lot of fun. The best, or maybe worst part, about the whole thing is that I am the slowest “hiker” around. Chris and Barley literally leave me in the dust and then I am left huffing and puffing my way up the rocks all on my own. It’s pretty embarrassing, but I do my best and we all make it to the top….eventually.

Blue Hills

One thing I love about doing things like this is that Chris is totally in his element. He is so good at getting us from point A to point B, it is really impressive. I don’t give him enough credit for that. Me on the other hand….well let’s just say that we were looking for the road to head home and I said we should go left because I could hear cars. In reality, the road was about 200 feet to our right.

Again, it isn’t my fault, I never became an official Girl Scout. I wonder why?


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