Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up (May 10th). Do you want to hear a fun fact? I was born on Mother’s Day. Cute right? You might be inclined to call me the gift that keeps on giving, and I might be inclined to say that you are correct.

In reality though, I probably stole my mom’s thunder year after year because we ended up sharing Mother’s Day and my birthday a lot when I was growing up. She probably hated it when I had really cool parties (that she planned) and in exchange, she got homemade gifts made out of clay. Whoops.

I guess because I always associate Mother’s Day with my birthday, I don’t really think of it as a day exclusively for celebrating mom’s. Not because they don’t deserve their own special day, because they totally do. But because we all deserve something special. Moms to littles, dog moms, mamas-to-be, us girls who share Mother’s Day with our moms, or just us girls who want something nice on a Sunday. Am I right?

So, whether you want something for yourself or something for your mama, here is just a bit of inspiration:

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. Thick Linen Chambray Apron: Isn’t this just the cutest? I feel like I could cook some serious things in this apron, and I bet my mom could too. But, I’m not sure if my mom knows how to use her new oven yet. It’s really big and super fancy, so I don’t blame her one bit, but she would look really cute in this too.

2. Corsica Straw Beach Tote: Maybe the perfect beach tote because it doesn’t scream “I’m a beach tote!” to everyone you walk by. I like a subtle tote, and I bet your mom does too.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

3. Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book: If you haven’t checked out Artifact Uprising yet, you really should. I am obsessed. We used them for our wedding guest book, our wedding album and our holiday cards. Everything is so lovely but affordable. Plus, your mom will definitely cry if you make an album for her. It’s a guaranteed tear jerker.

4. Mother’s Garden Seed Bomb Kit: I’m not a gardener, but in my head I feel like the ideal me has a garden and uses these seeds.

5. Clear Rosa iPhone 6 Case: This phone case is super adorable. Mom’s love adorable phone cases, right? Yes.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

6. Recipe Box & Cards: Rifle Paper Co. makes really sweet things and this recipe box is no exception. Perfect for a mom with an ever expanding recipe collection, or a mom-to-be who is just starting to figure out what exactly to do in the kitchen.

7. Hatchery: This is a membership that sends locally-sourced ingredients and recipes to your door every month. It sounds pretty awesome for anyone, but especially mom’s who love trying new things in the kitchen. 

And that’s it! A few of my favorites that I feel would brighten up any Sunday for your mom/friend/you. But if not, you can just buy some doughnuts because those are always the perfect treat. Maybe just buy one anyways? 


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