Tomorrow I turn 25.

Blink and suddenly you are too old to wear bonnets and swim in the kiddie pool on your birthday. What do you do when you are a quarter of a century old for your birthday? Well, I wouldn’t have any complaints if I could spend the weekend in my pajamas watching Gilmore Girls and/or Harry Potter. Oh wait, I already do that.

The other thing I want? A margarita (or two) and bottomless chips from Loilta’s with my favorite person in the world.

It might be a low-key birthday this year, but that is just the way I like it. Plus, I’m sure that Chris and I will sneak in plenty of cupcakes, candy, ice cream and Barley kisses over the course of the next few days to celebrate and make me nauseous. A perfect combo.

Being 24 has certainly been special, a year I will never forget. But I already know that 25 has so much in store for me. Many more beginnings, adventures, laughter and as long as I have Chris by my side – love. Cheers to 25.


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