Dear Mr. Potter

To get the week started off with a bang I wanted to share with you one of my favorite things. Actually, this is one of Chris’ favorite things too and something that, surprisingly, he introduced me to.

Are any of you fans of podcasts? I started listening to podcasts in college but didn’t really branch out any further than NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour. This year, Chris and I started listening to podcasts regularly and together. Imagine a couple in the 1950’s sitting around the house listening to a radio show and that is pretty much what happens in our house. We keep it old school.

Anyways, it all started when we became obsessed with Serial last fall, which if you haven’t listened to I highly recommend you start. It is a real edge-of-your-seat mystery that is still being played out. Currently, our attention has taken a turn for the nerd and we are tuning in once a week to the Dear Mr. Potter seminar hosted by StoryWonk.

Now if you know me at all, you may have guessed that the Mr. Potter mentioned is the one and only Harry Potter, which is correct. Basically, Chris and I have been listening to roughly 90 minute seminars that do a deep-dive into the Harry Potter story, focusing on book 1. Sounds nerdy? Well it totally is and I completely love every minute of it.

Alastair Stephens is the host guiding us through the book, chapter by chapter. He brings up themes and questions that I had never thought to wonder. Like, do the children take any lessons in math or writing or do they only have lessons rooted in magic?

For someone who really loves the Harry Potter world, these podcasts are a way to relive the books and the magic. In my opinion, 90 minutes of pure fun.

I would highly recommend that any of you Harry Potter fans check it out. But, if Harry Potter isn’t your thing, the StoryWonk team does a number of other seminars including their upcoming one on Pride & Prejudice. You can be sure that I will be tuning in because I also can’t get enough of Mr. Darcy. Anyone else with me on that?

Happy Tuesday!


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