1 Year in Boston

I can hardly believe it, but Chris and I have been living in Boston for over a year now. I wish I could think of something cool that a Bostonian would say in response to that, but I really can’t. Maybe I’ll have my Boston slang down after 2 years.

Anyways, a lot of people ask me why we decided to move here. To tell you the truth, we just felt stuck in NYC. We didn’t want to keep paying the wicked (nice?) high rent for our studio apartment, my job was up in the air because my boss had quit, and we hated New York.

New York has a lot to offer, like $1 pizza, but it just wasn’t for us. We wanted to find a city that we could start building our lives in and that didn’t feel so temporary.

So, one night after a bad day at work followed by a mild emotional breakdown, we were sitting on the couch trying to figure out what we should do next. Suck it up and stay another year? I asked Chris “if you had to move anywhere tomorrow where would you move?” and his answer was Boston.

And that was that. We packed up and moved a month and a half later.

Now was it easy? No. It was actually a huge pain and super stressful. When we decided to move, I had never even been to Boston, so for me the move involved a total leap of faith and trust in Chris. Plus, I kept freaking out every other day thinking we were going to be homeless or jobless or just as unhappy as we were before.

Oddly enough, none of that happened.

We found an apartment in exactly the neighborhood we wanted. We both found jobs close to home. And, most importantly, we both fell in love with the city.  We settled in and made this our home.

Over the past year we have explored Boston more than we ever explored New York. We still have a lot to see and do, but I’m looking forward to what the next few years have in store for us here.

Happy Anniversary Boston!


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