Paint Nite

Last weekend Chris and I tried something new together and went to a Paint Nite event in Boston. Things like this have been popping up everywhere lately so you have probably heard about it, but the basic concept is always the same: paint and drink!

I was pretty excited about going because I haven’t done anything crafty in quite a while. In high school I loved spending my weekends working in my art journal or taking photos, but I just don’t do that these days and I miss it.

Plus, I honestly cannot think of any time other than when Chris and I made a ginger bread house that I have seen Chris do something arts and crafts related. I was really excited (and somewhat scared) to see what exactly would happen once he had a paint brush in his hand.

So here’s how it worked: We picked the event we wanted to go to based on the picture we wanted to paint. There are a lot of different Paint Nite events happening daily, so you can pick one based on the time and location. Then, you show up and put on your apron, order a drink, and follow (or don’t follow) the instructor’s directions.

I knew going in that the painting would be easy enough for people with no experience, but I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it was.

Chris and I had a lot of fun and we both got pretty into it. Always the perfectionist, I wanted mine to look as close to the example painting as possible. Always the jokester, Chris got a little crazy and I guess you can say he took a few creative liberties. Also, he kept flicking his paint on me.

In the end, I don’t think either of us would say we created a masterpiece, but we did put the paintings up temporarily in our apartment to display for a bit. Every morning Chris walks by mine and says “I cannot believe how great that looks babe” and I blush because only someone who loves you a lot can say that and really mean it.

Paint Nite


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