Wipeout Run

Have you ever heard of the ABC show Wipeout? I have no idea if it is on these days, but Chris and I used to love it. Five or six years ago when the show first came out Chris would drive over to my house once a week and we would watch it together. I would die laughing at the commentators and Chris would critique the contestants, wanting to prove how he could do it better. It was so entertaining and I always looked forward to those nights.

A few months ago I had been looking for new things for us to do together and I stumbled upon the Wipeout Run 5K. I knew just by looking at the obstacles that it had the potential to be a total disaster, but also a ton of fun. Chris could finally prove his talent and I wanted to be along for the ride. It wasn’t something we could pass up.

I was pretty nervous leading up to the race because I’m really not at all coordinated. I knew there would be running (which I hate), and water (not a fan), and things that would be hitting me in the face (which hurts). Needless to say I was worried about how I would look when I showed up to work on Monday morning.

As a surprise to pretty much everyone, I finished the race almost completely unharmed except for a scrape on my knee from the Big Balls. Chris and I spent the entire race laughing, smiling and saying “this is so much fun!” We slid down giant water slides, bounced across a huge bounce house, climbed over walls, attempted to jump across the big balls and loved every minute of it.

By the end of the day we were tired, soaked from head to toe, and smiling from ear to ear. It was awesome.

Wipeout Run
Wipeout Run


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