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Cape Cod

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You might be surprised by this, but August is going to be a busy month for Chris and I. We haven’t really had any visitors or plans for pretty much the whole summer, and as luck would have it everything is jammed into this month. That’s okay though, we are ready for it and super excited!

First up on the agenda for August was visiting Chris’ parents and our closest (and possibly oldest) friends Rob and Grace in Cape Cod. We drove down to the Cape last week to spend a few days with everyone. I had never been to the Cape and I hadn’t seen Rob and Grace since our wedding in November and missed them both so much. Plus, there was something in the works for this trip that Chris and I were very, very excited about. More on that later.

We drove up on Tuesday night and as often happens with old friends, we stayed up way too late chatting. By Wednesday morning, I was remembering how silly Rob and Chris are when they get together. They have been friends for ages and whenever they are together it is like they are ten years old again. It makes me so happy to see Chris laugh that much.

Cape Cod Cape Cod

Cape Cod Cape Cod Cape Cod

The boys started a game of bocce ball and as you can tell, things quickly heated up. They had to take it to the streets and the beach.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod

Once Rob was announced as the victor, we packed up and headed out on the boat for the day. We were staying in Mashpee and sailed past Martha’s Vineyard and a few other islands, eventually ending up at the small island of Cuttyhunk.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod Cape Cod Cape CodCape CodCape CodCape Cod

Cape Cod Cape Cod

Cuttyhunk Island is the outermost of the Elizabeth Islands in Massachusetts and is arguably one of the first English settlements in the US. The island is incredibly small, beautiful and peaceful. At its peak in the summer there is only about 400 residents and most people drive around on golf carts. Super tiny.

Cape Cod Cape Cod Cape Cod Cape Cod Cape Cod Cape Cod Chris’ parents had found Cuttyhunk a few years before and had wanted to show us a path you can take to the top of the island. From the top, you can see these amazing views of everything surrounding the island. It was so beautiful and well worth the trip. 
Cape Cod Cape CodCape Cod

Cape Cod Cape Cod

So remember how I mentioned that Chris and I were really excited about something happening on this trip? Well, there was  another reason for our stop at Cuttyhunk. Rob was planning to propose to Grace.

We got to the top of the island and were all trying to play it cool while Rob picked out exactly where he wanted to do it. We kept trying to distract Grace and move her around. I’ve never been a part of a proposal (other than my own) and it was one of the most exciting and special things I’ve ever experienced!

Cape Cod

Cape Cod

Cape Cod

Cape Cod

She said yes!

There were tears and cheers and huge smiles all around. It was honestly such an incredible and special moment. Rob and Grace mean so much to us and we are just so unbelievably happy and excited for them both.


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