Cape Cod Part 2

After we celebrated Rob and Grace’s engagement on Wednesday night (more on that here), the four of us spent the next day exploring a bit before we all had to head back to reality.

Cape Cod

Rob and Grace are the best people to travel with because they are prepared for almost anything and always know what is nearby and fun to do. So on Thursday morning, they took us to Wood’s Hole for a mini-hike.

Chris and I are maybe the worst people to travel with because we don’t prepare hardly at all, so I had no idea what was in store for us. We walked a short while through the covered, shady trails and I kept thinking how lovely everything was. Chris kept eating berries off the bushes. Then, we turned the corner and the ocean was suddenly sitting right in front of us, big and blue as could be. It was so magical and such a nice surprise.

Cape Cod Cape Cod Cape Cod

Cape CodCape Cod

I am not a big fan of beaches, but I wouldn’t mind hanging out at this beach for a day. It was almost as if we had crossed over an invisible barrier into a tropical and exotic land. It was so peaceful and secluded, like a private island just for us. I had a strange and unfamiliar urge to lay around like a beach bum and drink margaritas all day.

But alas, no margaritas were to be found. So we kept walking.

Cape CodCape CodCape Cod Cape Cod Cape Cod

As we all raced to the top of the hill, I kept thinking how much fun I was having and how lucky I was to be somewhere so beautiful with my best friends. It was just us and the cool breeze from the ocean. Chris eventually climbed down the rocks and slipped his feet in the water. He is always so silly like that.

It was a really special day.

Cape CodCape Cod Cape Cod Cape Cod Cape Cod


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