Summer Reading List Part 2

Last week I started recapping my thoughts about the books I have been reading this summer. I really love to read, so every year my ultimate goal is to read a book a week. This doesn’t usually (ever) happen, but it is a nice goal to have. It is a bit better than my other goals such as always being in my pajamas by 7pm or finishing all of my dessert. No one can fault you for reading a lot, right?

Anyways, there were three books that I didn’t get around to discussing last week. The first of which is A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. I get really excited about a few things when it comes to books: if it is a series, if there is magic, if it takes place in another country. Is my nerdiness showing? This book ticked all of the boxes and I was very excited about it.

A Darker Shade was just the magical adventure I had been looking to go on this summer. I loved following Kell through magical London, learning the many mysteries of the foreign world he lived in. The story was fast-paced and a definite page turner. The only thing that disappointed me was that I finished it too quickly and book two is not set to be released until February 2016. I get very impatient when I am waiting to find out what happens next!

Next up on my list was In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume. Now, I don’t think I had ever read one of Judy Blume’s books for people over the age of 12, I can only remember reading her books when I was little. So I was pretty excited to read a book that put me in the grown-up category, like I’m cool now or whatever. Anyways, once again I had no idea what I was getting into with this story. I liked the writing and felt connected with Miri and her family. The beginning was a bit derailing, because there were so many characters that I didn’t quite understand who I was reading about or why. And then I did. There was a plane crash. Oh, and then another and another.

And then I was very sad for the rest of the book. I do not like being sad, so once again this book was a doozy for me to get through. Lots of tears. I finished it and sort of enjoyed myself in that way that you don’t really feel good but are kind of happy you did it. I guess. You know what I mean?

But then, here is the kicker… I thought that this book was completely fictional, but it wasn’t. At the very end in the author’s notes I learned that it was inspired by something real, meaning three real plane crashes. After that, everything seemed terrible and gut wrenching and painful. I cried and cried. I still think about it and tell people how sad it is. They just look at me like I’m a nut, because I am. I will say that it was a good book, but maybe you should go into it knowing that some of it was real? Just a suggestion.

The third book was meant to be Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. After all of the other books I read that were sort of depressing, I just couldn’t even make an attempt. I heard the reviews about this and felt like this was not the summer that I could deal with a book ruining Scout and Atticus. I just couldn’t. So back on the shelf it goes. Did anyone else give it a go? Or do you have any must-reads to finish out the summer with?


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