Escape to Gap Mountain

Inspired by my sister and her husband, Chris and I have decided to have a weekly date night (or day) on Saturday’s. Each Saturday we will take turns planning a date for one another. I’m pretty excited about it because I think it is a great way for us to spend extra quality time together, but also an excellent excuse for us to get out and explore!

This past weekend was Chris’ turn to plan our date. I was pleasantly surprised as he actually went above and beyond, offering me three options to choose from for our date: an evening picnic in the park, dinner at a neighborhood restaurant we have been wanting to try, hiking Mount Monadnock with Barley.

They were all excellent options, but I had endured a surprisingly stressful week at work and thought spending some time outdoors would be the perfect way to unwind, so on Saturday we set off to hike Mount Monadnock!

Here’s the kicker though. After our scenic two hour drive passing corn fields and farm stands we pulled up to the park and found out that dogs aren’t allowed at Mount Monadnock. I’m sure you can imagine our disappointment. Luckily, there was a dog friendly trail nearby at Gap Mountain – crisis averted!

We pulled up to Gap Mountain and Barley was so excited to be outdoors. Nose in the air, ears on the alert. She was completely in her element and it was just the cutest thing ever.



The trail was quiet and for the most part we were the only hikers around. Everything was incredibly green and lush, the sun peeking through the tree tops. Barley chased chipmunks and jumped over rocks, Chris right next to her every step of the way. They are the greatest together, it makes my heart so happy!



The trek to the top was pretty easy, a little over a mile climb and not too rocky. Once we made it there we were greeted with a view of Mount Monadnock, the mountain we had originally planned to climb. I guess that if we didn’t get to climb it, at least we did get a nice view from the top!


IMG_3225Chris felt really bad about the hiccup in our day, but I think it was the perfect day and the best adventure. I hope that you had a great adventure this weekend too!

On a side note, you may or may not notice that I cut my hair.


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