An Icy Date Night

Today is Thursday which means a number of things, but mainly it means that today is October 8th, and we are now a month away from our 1 year wedding anniversary (whoop whoop!). Plus, it is pretty much the start of a very exciting weekend that Chris and I have planned in Vermont for leaf peeping season!

But I won’t let myself get swept up in the weekend ahead and all of the amazing fall foliage that we hope to see. Nope, I’ll tell you a bit about last weekend and how adorable my husband is.

Before I get started, I should tell you that I didn’t have a clue what Chris had planned for us. Chris is much better at keeping secrets than I am. Whenever I would ask, he would just slyly say “when we get finished with part one, I will tell you about part two.” Like what does that even mean? I guess it’s good that at least one of us knows how to give a proper surprise.

So, Chris started off our Saturday date night by taking me to one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants jmCurley. It’s one of those places that you would walk right by if you didn’t know what you were looking for, but once you find it you always want to go back. The burgers and fries are amazing and they have all of these funky appetizers that you just can’t get anywhere else. Part one was a date night win.

Part two was a visit to the Frost Ice Loft, an ice bar at Quincy Market. We had been talking about going there for a while just to check it out. Apparently, Chris’ team at work was planning an outing and he said “No, I have to go with my wife first!” How cute is that?

My only complaint about part two is that I wasn’t given a head’s up about the dress code. So while Chris knew where we were going and wore the appropriate amount of warm layers, I was just trying to look cute for our date. So we went and I froze my little tushie off in 21 degree weather drinking cider out of an ice mug surrounded by ice.

It was so fun though and really cool (get it?).

Frost Ice Loft

I guess the cold and shivering is just a sign of what’s to come a few short months from now. But right now, it’s time to enjoy the fall!


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