Our Perfectly Not So Perfect Anniversary Weekend

To celebrate our one year anniversary last weekend Chris planned a super sweet weekend, the majority of which was a surprise to me.

The weekend started out with dinner Friday night at Mooo, a snazzy steakhouse here in Boston. We tend to eat in a lot, so eating out at such a fancy place in the city was a real treat.

On Saturday, we drove to Portland, Maine to spend the remainder of our weekend. We were both really excited and looking forward to spending time in a new city together and exploring.

We had a really nice drive up to Portland and saw some lovely small towns and beautiful coastline. Once we arrived, we explored for a bit and ate an amazing banana coffee cake muffin at Tandem Coffee. We finished the evening with dinner and drinks at an old gothic church turned restaurant that pre-dates the Civil War called Grace. The restaurant was amazing and might be one of my favorite places I have ever eaten at.

Portland, ME

Portland, ME

Portland, ME

However despite all of the fun and good food we had, we also hit a few bumps in the road. From our car breaking down to Chris losing his phone in an Uber, we were both a bit surprised by all of the rotten luck we managed to have in the span of 36 hours. By Sunday afternoon we were on the train back to Boston (leaving our car in Portland) and we were more than ready to get home.

Our first year of marriage has had ups and downs, so I guess it only makes sense that our anniversary weekend would include a number of hiccups too! Despite it all, Chris and I had a great time together celebrating, laughing, reflecting on the year behind us and looking forward to the many years ahead.

Portland, ME


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