Thanksgiving for Two

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. As a kid, I loved waking up early and watching the parade with my mom. Then I would help out in the kitchen, mashing the potatoes and cutting the squash became my specialty. My parents would make the day a big event, inviting our family, friends, neighbors and anyone else who might not have a place to spend the day.

The past few holidays away from home and on my own have been a bit different. Whether celebrating with friends while living in New York or with Chris’ family just outside of Boston, I’ve tried to carry on the Thanksgiving traditions that my parents instilled in me.

This year, Chris and I opted to spend the Thanksgiving holiday on our own, just the two of us (plus Barley). Although at times I missed the big to-do that always comes with celebrating with family and friends, there was something so wonderful about spending the day with just him. We did exactly what we wanted and had no schedule or plan to follow.



It was a beautiful day in Boston so Chris and I started our day with a long walk with Barley along the Charles. The rest of the day mainly consisted of football, movies and some quality time with my nose in a new book. We topped it all off with my mom’s baked macaroni & cheese and roasted potatoes.



Over dinner Chris sweetly asked if we could do this every year. I guess we now have our own Thanksgiving tradition, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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