An Early Christmas

As Christmas grows ever closer (less than one week!), this time of year is often filled with so many reminders of family and tradition. Although there are so many things I have to be thankful for, it can get lonely and sad living so far from the people that you love.

I am so grateful that last weekend I was lucky enough to go visit my mom, sister Stephanie and brother-in-law Phil in Charlotte for an early Christmas celebration. With all of us living so far away from one another, we are rarely all together for the holidays. In fact, I think that we haven’t all been together since Chris and I got married.

This year has had a number of ups and downs, so I think that we were all really looking forward to relaxing, chatting and having fun together.

We spent our first night together putting up the tree. I was instantly shocked (and a bit jealous) at how big of a tree you can get when you don’t live in a city. Who knew? The biggest tree that Chris and I have had over the past few years has just barely inched over 4ft tall. I guess my sister gave me something to aspire to, per usual! I’ll admit though, they picked the perfect tree. We all put the ornaments and lights up together, even the little pups wanted to join in on the fun.




Night two was spent opening presents with White Christmas on in the background, one of our favorites. We did a lot of chatting, laughing, board game playing, and I may have spent the weekend in my pajamas. It was great.



As I gear up for round two of Christmas, Chris and I will spend the day making our own holiday traditions. It’s bittersweet to spend the day so far from family, but I can’t wait to see them again soon.

Happy Holidays!






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