Word on the street is that a polar vortex is moseying its way through the northeast this weekend and that tomorrow morning when we go outside it will feel colder than a freezer. Lovely, am I right? Something to look forward to when we wake up I guess, kind of like Christmas morning but also not like that at all.

So with a very chilly weekend ahead of us, I have found that it is only natural for me to start comparing summer and winter. Sunburn versus windburn. Rooftop bars versus hot chocolate at home. Heavy snow boots or uncomfortable sandals. Sweating from the 8 layers you have on or sweating from the sun. Pros and cons.

You may not think this is the most exciting pro and con list, but it can certainly be a way to pass the time while we are stuck inside over the course of this weekend’s arctic blast. I will keep adding things to the list as we crank up the heat and I snuggle with Barley. As I try to remember what it is like to be able to feel my toes when I walk outside I’ll just have to remind myself that the cold never bothered me anyways…

In the meantime, for all of you people who aren’t frozen in the middle of a polar vortex and are currently missing out on winter, here are some pictures of cold things like snow. When you aren’t freezing your tootsies off, it is really a beautiful thing. Happy polar vortex weekend and stay warm!




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