Our Perfectly Not So Perfect Anniversary Weekend

To celebrate our one year anniversary last weekend Chris planned a super sweet weekend, the majority of which was a surprise to me.

The weekend started out with dinner Friday night at Mooo, a snazzy steakhouse here in Boston. We tend to eat in a lot, so eating out at such a fancy place in the city was a real treat.

On Saturday, we drove to Portland, Maine to spend the remainder of our weekend. We were both really excited and looking forward to spending time in a new city together and exploring.

We had a really nice drive up to Portland and saw some lovely small towns and beautiful coastline. Once we arrived, we explored for a bit and ate an amazing banana coffee cake muffin at Tandem Coffee. We finished the evening with dinner and drinks at an old gothic church turned restaurant that pre-dates the Civil War called Grace. The restaurant was amazing and might be one of my favorite places I have ever eaten at.

Portland, ME

Portland, ME

Portland, ME

However despite all of the fun and good food we had, we also hit a few bumps in the road. From our car breaking down to Chris losing his phone in an Uber, we were both a bit surprised by all of the rotten luck we managed to have in the span of 36 hours. By Sunday afternoon we were on the train back to Boston (leaving our car in Portland) and we were more than ready to get home.

Our first year of marriage has had ups and downs, so I guess it only makes sense that our anniversary weekend would include a number of hiccups too! Despite it all, Chris and I had a great time together celebrating, laughing, reflecting on the year behind us and looking forward to the many years ahead.

Portland, ME


A Sister Weekend in Boston

We just hailed my sister a cab and as I type this she is on her way back to the airport after spending the weekend with Chris and I in Boston. Chris didn’t see it, but I cried when she left.

I wish that she didn’t have to leave or that she lived closer or that we lived closer to her and Phil. Maybe one day we will, but for now we don’t.

I’m going to be a bit honest and say that my sister and I haven’t always been as close as we are now. It probably helps that we no longer argue over who stole what from the other’s closet, but recently our relationship has changed for the better. We no longer fight over nonsense and I feel like I have a true appreciation for her insight and advice. I have always looked up to her because she was my cooler, older sister, but I think I look up to her even more now and truly rely on her as my sister and my friend.

I had been looking forward to Stephanie’s visit for weeks and was so excited for her to arrive on Friday morning. There were two very exciting parts about her trip: it was her first time visiting Boston and her first time meeting Barley. Needless to say, Barley instantly loved her and immediately snuggled up on her lap for kisses and cuddles. Boston quickly became fond of her as well.

Sister Weekend

Sister WeekendBecause the current state of our sister-friendship is still relatively new, I was also pretty nervous about this weekend. For whatever nonsensical reason I worried that our apartment wouldn’t be good enough, that we would be too boring, that we should have planned more to make sure that everything was the best it could be for her. Chris had to calm me down before she arrived and remind me that those things aren’t important, and of course he was right. Sometimes I just need a bit of perspective and a reminder.

So Stephanie and I spent Friday exploring the neighborhood a bit after her arrival. We grabbed lunch at Tatte in Beacon Hill which was so delicious that we came back for breakfast and coffee on Saturday morning. We then spent the rest of the day chatting at home about everything and nothing on the couch until Chris came home for dinner. It was a wonderful day.

After visit number two at Tatte and our delicious breakfast on Saturday, Chris and Barley took on the role of tour guide and showed us all of the must-see spots in Boston. Bundled up and with Barley leading the way, we strolled through the Commons, past the State House and Park Street Church. We walked through a graveyard or two and then headed over to Quincy Market and the North End. 

Sister Weekend

Sister Weekend

Sister Weekend

We finished the day off with some shopping along Charles Street. We visited a healthy beauty store that I had been wanting to stop into for a while, Follain, but was too intimidated to go to by myself. I wish I had gone sooner because it was a great find, but I was so grateful to go with my sister. We both left with the perfect purchases and found just what we had been looking for!

The weekend ended with a lovely stroll along the Charles River and dinner at Legal Crossing. It was so much fun to have Stephanie here visiting us and I hope that we get to see each other again soon.

We miss you already please come back soon!

Sister Weekend

An Icy Date Night

Today is Thursday which means a number of things, but mainly it means that today is October 8th, and we are now a month away from our 1 year wedding anniversary (whoop whoop!). Plus, it is pretty much the start of a very exciting weekend that Chris and I have planned in Vermont for leaf peeping season!

But I won’t let myself get swept up in the weekend ahead and all of the amazing fall foliage that we hope to see. Nope, I’ll tell you a bit about last weekend and how adorable my husband is.

Before I get started, I should tell you that I didn’t have a clue what Chris had planned for us. Chris is much better at keeping secrets than I am. Whenever I would ask, he would just slyly say “when we get finished with part one, I will tell you about part two.” Like what does that even mean? I guess it’s good that at least one of us knows how to give a proper surprise.

So, Chris started off our Saturday date night by taking me to one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants jmCurley. It’s one of those places that you would walk right by if you didn’t know what you were looking for, but once you find it you always want to go back. The burgers and fries are amazing and they have all of these funky appetizers that you just can’t get anywhere else. Part one was a date night win.

Part two was a visit to the Frost Ice Loft, an ice bar at Quincy Market. We had been talking about going there for a while just to check it out. Apparently, Chris’ team at work was planning an outing and he said “No, I have to go with my wife first!” How cute is that?

My only complaint about part two is that I wasn’t given a head’s up about the dress code. So while Chris knew where we were going and wore the appropriate amount of warm layers, I was just trying to look cute for our date. So we went and I froze my little tushie off in 21 degree weather drinking cider out of an ice mug surrounded by ice.

It was so fun though and really cool (get it?).

Frost Ice Loft

I guess the cold and shivering is just a sign of what’s to come a few short months from now. But right now, it’s time to enjoy the fall!

Fall and a 5k

I realized at some point about the middle of this week that fall had officially arrived in Boston. We have cool, 50 degree weather with crisp, fresh air and changing leaves. I honestly have no idea where September (or the summer) went, but I always love the fall. I love this time of year so much that I don’t even care that I’ve been jammed at work every day and that I come home completely exhausted or that I haven’t been feeling well. Everything about this season makes it worth it.

September was such a blur because we were actually busy with plans and exciting things every weekend, what a life! We went home to Florida to celebrate with our friends for their wedding (congratulations Jordan and Kasey!). It was such a joy to be there and to see everyone that we miss so much every day. I had not been home since our wedding in November and it was a blast.

Then last weekend, Chris and Barley cheered me on for the Shape Diva Dash 5k and obstacle course that I did with my friend Cassie. Cassie and I had signed up for it on a whim ages ago and I had every intention of doing some kind of training beforehand, but I never got around to it. Typical Audrey.

Diva Dash

Needless to say, I was a bit worried that my athletic abilities wouldn’t be up to par and that I would have to “pass” the obstacles. Despite what it looks like in the photos, I did okay and we had so much fun! We ran almost the whole 3 miles and aced the obstacles. Plus, Chris and Barley were on the sidelines every step of the way, trying to sneak in and run with me or waving and wagging as we ran by. It was a lot of fun and I realized that running really isn’t as scary and hard as I always think it will be. Maybe one day running will be a new hobby of mine…but maybe not!

Diva Dash

Today, Chris gets to plan our Saturday date night. I have no idea what is in store for us, but the nice thing about fall is that it’s the perfect weather for staying at home in your pajamas all day. That counts for date night right?

Happy weekend!